How our QA Managers keep our Clean Specialists productive, efficient, and trained.

Spotless of Utah has a system set up for its Clean Specialists to keep them productive, efficient, and trained.  It works like this: a newly hired Clean Specialist (CS) will meet with their Quality Assurance (QA) Manager no less than three times to learn about the buildings for which they will be responsible and the chemicals and equipment they will be using.  The QA will clean the entire building with CS each of those three times, explaining the expectations for the building, quirks and hot spots that require special attention, and safety procedures.

After that initial training, the QA will meet with the CS at least once a month to clean, go over monthly inspection reports, address any issues that have come up, and answer any questions the CS may have.  It is during these monthly visits that a QA will let the CS know if they are taking too long or not long enough in their duties, whether everything is getting cleaned according to a high standard, and go over any new chemicals or cleaning techniques.  These meetings help keep communication open between the CS and management, encourage CS to stay on task, and ensure that training stays up to date.

Nick Sanders