Good communication is what happy Clean Specialists do

Good communication is key to any working relationship.  At Spotless of Utah, we need to communicate well with our clients, our coworkers, and members of management.  A good Clean Specialist will balance communication with all three parties at all times.

Communication with our clients may take the form of notes or emails to the manager about any issues found in the building such as burned out light bulbs, clogged toilets, water leaks, bug infestations, or broken items, etc.  Often the custodial crew is the first to notice issues that are essential for the manager to know about.  Notes can also be positive things such as “I see you’ve met your quota for the month! Good job!” or “Happy birthday!”  Leaving treats for our clients to make them happy is one of the highlights of our job.

Communication with our coworkers is in a similar vein.  Many of the buildings we clean have two teams that take turns cleaning.  In my buildings with more than one team, I have a small notebook I use to write notes back and forth to the other team.  This accomplishes a few things:

  • Promotes teamwork and a feeling of joint responsibility for the building.
  • Clarifies if supplies have been ordered and when, or if the vacuum bag has been changed, or if there are any issues that the other team may need to keep an eye on.
  • Minimizes problems that may stem from a lack of communication, such as, “Please wind the vacuum cord correctly so it doesn’t tangle.”

Communication with management is essential in cases of sickness, scheduling conflicts, and problems within the building that require special attention.  If a Clean Specialist calls in sick, someone must still cover that building.  Having enough time to get a substitute in place is crucial.  The same goes for scheduling conflicts – any time off requests can be approved provided there is enough time to find someone to cover the shift (at least two weeks’ notice is preferred).  Problems within the building such as an alarm being set off or a vacuum that has suddenly quit working are issues that management needs to be aware of.